If you think you've made a mistake using our service, we may be able to help. If your payment won't complete on time or you've selected the wrong company to pay through our service, please open a support ticket for help. Click https://support.doxo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to open a support ticket. Please include such information as the company paid, your email address, and the amount paid.

We're always happy to assist you with any problems you might have, and if you contact us quickly enough, we may be able to stop your payment for you. Please note that some payments can not be canceled due to bank rules, or we may have already submitted your payment to the selected provider, but we'll help if we can.

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  • please cancel payment to Spectrum  of 154.22 

    thank you     account number  is 10404613613695 0001

  • Please cancel payment to First Comp and refund the transaction fee.  Total $2,083.88.  Thank, Mark Price

  • Please refund payment to American Credit Acceptance $444.41 plus fee.  They never received it. Thank you. Julie Green

  • Cancel payment 

  • Please cancel my payment to Recology Auburn Placer. Thank you.


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