How do I cancel my doxo account?

To cancel or delete your doxo account:

  • Sign in to your account at
  • Click the link at the top of the page labeled “My Settings.”
  • Scroll down the settings page and click the "Cancel my doxo account" link at the bottom.
  • You will be asked to verify your decision, and sent an email to ensure that you want to cancel.
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  • How do I recover my account?

  • How do I recover my account?

  • I don't remember signing up for this and don't know  any information to sigh it so cancell this I don't want.

     Thank you Mrs Kranert

  • I do not remember signing up to this, and I'm sure it was years ago.  I do not want this account and do not need it .  I have recently changed my bank, my passwords, and my methods of payments, and cannot even remember what passwords or security questions used earlier.  This account is unfavorably effecting me and I want it cancelled.


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